Building stones


With the aim of creating a strong communication and information base in the field of stone industry in order to cover this vacuum, the rock group began operating in the virtual world in 1395. Stone does not buy or sell stones and is merely a reference to the selection of construction stones and familiarity with a variety of stones, the introduction of stone sellers and buyers to each other and to reduce the gap between the two sides. On this web site, the suppliers of stone stones, whether the merchants who imported slabs or tiles into foreign countries or the factories that produce Iranian rocks in their production process, have a personal page on this website. In it you will find your products, which include all kinds of marble, stone, granite, stone travertine, ornamental stone or marble, limestone stone, stone artifacts, stone waterjet and imported stones which are one of the most popular types of building stones in the stone market. Today they will be shown. The price of the construction stones on this website has been inscribed by the suppliers themselves, and the rock band has no influence on determining the price or quality, and merely attempts to create a market for building stone in cyberspace to bridge the gap between the supply And consumers are less likely to have access to information for storekeepers for consumers.

Stone types and their application