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Sang Ba Ma

Sang Bаmа


Sang ba ma Group has 2 kind of service:
1-Sang ba ma website service
2-Human resources services for buyers and businessman

In this website after entering the factories or mines link (on top menu) , you can see the logo suppliers And click on it to connect to the Web page on which suppliers.
In suppliers profile see contact and products information
It should be noted that the product specifications and prices listed are registered by their suppliers.

You can see all kind of Iranian stone in this site We try to be upload Photo of Iranian stones and resource than you know more about Iranian stone.
Users can be search in site about Intended stones According to color, name, type and size.
After that site robots show to you logo factory and you can be click on logo and see about stone and price.

Sang ba ma group Consists of employee dominant to English and Russian language Sang Ba Ma Considered Some Service for acquiescence you some services has free and some other services has cost:
1- Inquiry About Stone Amount in Warehouse (Free)
2- Advice Choosing The Best Stones Iran and Productive (Free)
3- Inquiry for price lists of products from suppliers without intermediation (Free)
4- Appointment Between Buyers And Sellers In Iran (Free)
5- Translation Service in English And Russian ($50)
6- Tour For Visit Stone Mines And Exhibition In Iran ($100)
    6-1 - Visiting factories and mines around Tehran,
          along with an interpreter and transportation: Daily $ 100
    6-2 - Visiting factories and mines in the city of Isfahan and Shiraz, with interpreter: Daily $ 120$ other cost such as accommodation and transport is the responsibility of the customer .
7- IF you needed Quality Control and product Packaging After the contract is responsible for quality control of the Group Sng ba ma and the cost services is agreement